Office Manager
at Remote Year

Role Description

The Office Manager’s main duties include scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements and organizing daily calendars. To be successful in this role, you should be proactive, meet deadlines and communicate effectively. You should be able to identify and address the needs of team leads and perform administrative tasks to ensure our company’s workflow runs smoothly.


  • Plan appointments and events
  • Facilitate internal communication (e.g. distribute information and schedule presentations)
  • Create regular reports and update internal databases
  • Manage phone, emails and travel arrangements for C-suite
  • Suggest more efficient ways to execute processes and run our virtual  office
  • Review and recommend changes to our company policies


  • Knowledge of office procedures
  • Strong communication skills (via phone, video conference, email, and in-person)
  • Solid experience with office management systems, ERPs and G-Suite
  • Familiarity with online calendars and cloud systems
  • Event planning experience
  • Experience exercising discretion and confidentiality with sensitive company information
  • Excellent organizational skills with an ability to think proactively and prioritize work
  • Remote working experience a plus


  • An Active Doer - thrives and is energized by getting it done
  • Obsessively Organized - great project management skills, ability to multitask, and the ability to bring the abstract into focus
  • Respectfully Challenging - you don’t accept an answer of “that is how we’ve always done it”, your mantra is “why?” and you are eloquent enough to get to the bottom of things without causing friction
  • Adaptable - the role requires you to be able to be comfortable within constant change, wear many hats, and work with team members in many locales
  • Collaborative - you are outgoing enough to build relationships cross departmentally in order to ensure organizational alignment
  • Empathetic - you have the maturity to step back from a process and relate to the doer to identify the best ways to prioritize and deliver change
  • Entrepreneurial - you are a self starter, problem solver and hopelessly devoted to the Remote Year mission

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