User Experience (UX) Developer

Level: Mid

Storyboard, wireframe, Javascript, Bootstrap… these words ring a bell? If you’ve got a fun mix between the designer and developer hats, we’d love to talk to you about your next User Experience (UX) Developer opportunity!

As an User Experience (UX) Developer at HCSS, you’ll work directly with Product Managers, business analysts, software development teams and even end users to create beautiful, highly functional applications that “WOW” our customers. Supported by energetic and collaborative teammates, you’ll take your industry knowledge to develop the standards that produce a consistent and effective user experience across a suite of integrated products.

At HCSS, our mission drives us to focus on a positive customer experience while maintaining an employee-centered work/life integration environment. Setting you up for success, we created a profile to define the expectations of the role.

Ready to delight customers with software programs that are effortless and enjoyable? Put your creative and technical skills to use and join a 10x “Best Company to Work For in Texas” winning team!

Please include a link to your design portfolio when applying with your resume.

“Bonus Points”:

  • Strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap (Java/Obj-C/Swift a plus)

  • Proficiency in a variety of visual design and prototyping tools

  • Understanding of Web and mobile user experience design

  • Experience creating storyboards, wireframes, user flows and whiteboarding

Month 1:

  • Configure your own software environment including an integrated development environment (IDE) and existing HCSS source control / build process / deployment environments. Initiate and pass a Q&A session with a Development manager about your environment.

  • Introduce at least one new design tool or practice to the Design team. Demonstrate its usefulness by using it on a project.

  • Introduce at least two best practices for designing web products accessible on mobile devices. Show examples of where we should practice these in our current web products, and present to the Design team.

  • Create a shared library with at least 3 custom (new or existing) javascript objects/controls, and present to Design team and at least one Development manager.

  • Take two design stories from conception to completion with different development teams and briefly present the finished projects to Design team.

Month 2:

  • Apply Agile software development principles by cohabitating with a manager-assigned Development team for a 2-week “Sprint” cycle, and participating in all 5 development “Scrum” events. Write an executive summary (500-1000 words) on how the team could improve.

  • Work with Product Management, Development, and other stakeholders to design and code application changes for one new feature. Present it to the product’s Product Manager, Development lead, and your manager.

  • Add additional custom javascript objects/controls to shared library, document process for maintaining it, and enlist a Development team to utilize it in at least one development project.

  • Present to your manager how practices/processes/tools you introduced have positively impacted at least two projects led by other designers/developers.

  • Evaluate our web suite and identify at least 3 areas for UX/UI improvement in HCSS products. Share your vision and justify the benefits in a presentation to the Design team.

Month 3:

  • Conceptualize a significant UI change for one or more HCSS products, and present your proposal to the product’s development lead, design lead, and your manager. Lead the implementation of change.

  • Create a long-term plan and timeline covering the expansion and continued utilization of your custom shared library. Present the plan to your manager.

  • Host a presentation available to all Development covering your shared custom object/control library, highlighting projects that have already made use of it.

  • Evaluate our current Web and Mobile App Style Guides. Research their usage and management, and propose at least two improvements (process, tool, or content-related) to the Design team.

Month 4 and Beyond:

  • Develop effective user interface designs with an emphasis on simplicity and consistency

  • Manage visual design elements from conceptual stage through development completion

  • Work with multiple teams across a variety of integrated Web and mobile products

  • Help create and ensure adherence to User Acceptance Criteria and technical requirements

  • Regularly communicate design vision to Development team, Product Managers, and other stakeholders

  • Maintain and promote consistent design guidelines and content standards

  • Instruct developers and UX teammates in most effective UI design practices and technologies

  • Research and incorporate emerging design and technology trends

 ***This is NOT a contract position. At this time we are not sponsoring H1-B visas.***