Engineer #1
at haiku

__Our Mission__Haiku is building a collaboration platform that closes the long-standing gap between software designers and software developers. Through our desktop tool, cloud services, and integrations with professional design/code tools, Haiku empowers teams to create better software, together.__Your Role and Impact__We're on the lookout for a creative and motivated Engineer #1 with significant experience in both compiled and interpreted languages, and who is able and eager to do work that spans systems and languages. This individual should have extensive experience in real-world programming—getting hands dirty, etc—but also show strong management and leadership skills, and have a passion for mentoring other engineers. Computer science background appreciated but not required. As Haiku grows, we hope to see this role evolve into a leadership role.__Responsibilities__* Build excellent user experiences* Wear both product & growth hats* Architect and engineer the libraries and frameworks that power the stack* Take on tough problems, with a capable team to back you* Work across teams to polish product & branding experiences* Take full ownership of projects from design to implementation and deployment__Requirements__* Expert in JavaScript (both browser and Node); TypeScript a big plus* Expert in the web stack: HTML, CSS, SVG, and vanilla DOM APIs* Expert in React* Expert in Git* Experience with AWS (or another cloud computing platform)* Eager to deep-dive into new languages, frameworks, and systems__Bonus Skills / Experience__* You've used Flash, Silverlight, or Flex* You’ve written a Sketch plugin* You’ve written a Babel plugin or Webpack loader* You’ve used an infrastructure management tool such as Terraform or Docker* You’ve shipped an Electron app* You’ve read the WASM spec* You’ve compiled C++ code to JavaScript with Emscripten* You’ve built native iOS/Android apps__Perks__* Significant equity* Opportunity to make something cool, hopefully even meaningful* Work with an ambitious team from diverse professional backgrounds