Inside Sales Position
at Call Loop


Call Loop, is a fast growing mobile messaging software company that helps small and medium sized businesses grow their businesses with text and voice messaging. Think MailChimp for voice and text messaging.

Companies like CareerBuilder, Nestle, Nike, Omaha Steaks, Seattle Seahawks, Tony Robbins, and even the Wolf of Wall Street have used Call Loop to capture leads and grow their businesses with voice and text message marketing.

We’re a profitable and fast growing company (recently celebrated our six year anniversary) and are looking for a top sales person to help us double our revenue in the next 12 months. 

We've grown entirely without any sales person or sales team... you'll be the first.


You will be both an architect and a builder of our entire sales process. Today, we help over 45,000 users and customers, your mission will be to convert our existing and new user base into high value customers. 

First, as the architect of our sales process, you’d start off designing a playbook to sell Call Loop to more small business owners. You’ll work with me and take the six years worth of data we’ve collected and all the learnings we’ve gained from doing demos… and transfer that into creating a repeatable, scalable system.

Then, as a builder, you’d execute on this playbook. You’ll qualify the existing leads we have from our self-signup process and engage them meaningfully and efficiently via email and phone. More than a salesperson, you’ll be a resource and helpful guide for them — showing how they can get the most out of the product, and giving them the information they need to decide for themselves whether or not Call Loop is the right fit for them.

You’ll do outbound outreach to business owners we believe we can help. This includes building lists, cold calling, cold emailing, setting meetings, doing product demos, and following up. You’ll serve as an advocate of the customer, understanding what objections or issues they raise and relaying it back to the rest of the team. You would also do a bit of account management and support.

We’d bring you on first as a contractor, to make sure you enjoy working with us and vice versa. And then if it was a good fit, we’d bring you on full-time. Over time, if things worked out well, you would grow into a Head of Business Development role. The pay will be competitive and increase based on performance.


  • First, you are the type of person who has integrity at your core and... your word is everything. You work fast and smart. You’re goal oriented and have impeccable written communication.

  • You’re an adept problem solver. While others might shy away from the hard work of digging into something unknown and messy, you aren’t afraid to play detective. You eagerly dive into every nook and cranny to figure out what is working, what isn’t, and why. In fact, you’re driven by the thrill of “cracking the nut” and will hustle your way to a solution, one way or another.

  • You’re a teacher at heart. You love being helpful to others. Lending a hand to someone who didn’t expect it makes your day. People say you’re one of the most humble people they’ve known. You believe you never have all the answers, and you go out of your way to be forthright, earnest, and compassionate toward everyone you meet.

  • You can strongly relate to our customers, and build trust with them. You simply have the capacity to genuinely care about and provide guidance to the potential customers we are trying to help. If we are not the right solution, you gladly let them know.

  • You’re results focused. You’re the type of person that sets a goal, achieves it, and looks surpass it. You’re actions speak louder than words and that’s how you and others measure and know you by.

This position is not for everyone and not for someone that lacks integrity and focus. It is for someone who wants a challenge and can add immense value to our team.

This is a unique opportunity to shape a company from the first floor and up, and to help solve a significant problem. If you’re the right person for it, I’d be honored if we got to tackle it together. 

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