Web Software Engineer (PHP)
at CGG


Job Profile:

Be a part of a global team responsible for the design, development and support of key web applications at CGG. Functions of our existing web applications run the gamut – from production applications interfacing with our high-performance computing environment that deals with massive amounts of seismic data, to applications for human-resource processes that support our employees (e.g., learning and career development, absence management, team directories, etc.).  The global web development team is also responsible for developing and maintaining various productivity tools, including tools used for data management and secure portals for client collaboration. The bottom line: we have numerous cutting edge applications to ensure our web engineers are challenged and interested in their work. 

Emphasis for this position will be on server-side coding in addition to front-end design.  A strong coding background and a desire to be very hands-on are critical to the work. The role will require you to develop, enhance, and manage new and existing web applications. You will interact extensively with users to understand requirements from a global user base and design innovative solutions to meet user demands. You are expected to maintain a high level of application and data integrity. Our standards are high, but you have the autonomy to devise your own creative solutions using the best tools available.