Senior 3D Graphics Engineer
at 4D Pipeline

Having a Great Team has been our simple formula for our success.
We are looking for seasoned and experienced developers who are brilliant at what they do.
In return - we will give you great work, great clients, great team, and a long term great profitablerelationship.
You get to work with some of the best Brands and companies in the world, companies like AMD, Intel,NVIDIA, BMW, VANS, Unity Technology, Xerox PARC, and many others, including fast growing startups. 

You'll be playing a key role in each project and will be continuously learning new technologiesand working on cutting edge products. Most of all, you'll enjoy your work and the people you work withand we'll do all that we can to help you meet and exceed your goals.

- Work from anywhere in the world (Europe preferred).
- Unless otherwise stated, a minimum of 30 hours per week - must be able to work week days - notjust weekends. If you have a fulltime job please do not apply.
- Must be an individual not an agency/firm.
- As part of our hiring process you will have a video interview and a programming test. 

Looking for:
- 3D graphics developers with heavy experience inOpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, and 3D engines.
- Unity/Unreal a big bonus
- Hololens experience a big bonus
- VR/AR a big bonus
- Bonus to have WebGL experience
- Bonus to have Shader experience
- Bonus to have Raytracing experience Background in games, 3D visualization, or CAD a bonus 
- Ideally also mobile experience, iOS and Android bonus
- Bonus to have web experience
- Primarily languages - C++ 
- Also often C# / Javascript / Python
- Unity/Unreal bonus
- VR/AR setup a bonus

To apply: Please send us an email and let us know what 3D experience you have and which of the listed bonus items you have experience with.-